Have had chronic anal pain for 6 years

Posted by pomegranite14 @pomegranite14, Aug 10, 2015

Very quick summary:

– 20 yr old

– have had chronic anal pain for 6 years

– been to many many doctors and had first been told there was no evidence of anything on my rectum. the next doctor said it was a hemorrhoid (telling me to eat more fiber and drink more water). the next, a thrombosed hemorrhoid. even one doctor said it was an inflamed varicose vein. then I went to see another doctor when the pain did not go away after years and years of this, and I was told it was an anal fissure. I then had the botox injection to heal the fissure (during which the doctor found 4) and because the area was numbed for days afterwards, I could not feel how hard I was straining to go to the bathroom and I developed a new hemorrhoid.

Today I am certain that same hemorrhoid turned into a skin tag which I have had for months now. The same doctor who performed the botox injection suggested I could have crohns because of all the fissures I had before. I did some research and think I could have perianal crohns. Most of my symptoms match up. I also have had very bad heartburn for years as well as constipation which I wonder could be a symptom as well. I take stool softeners everyday and have tried everything, (I am gluten-free and vegan for years) but still every time I go to the bathroom I am in excruciating pain.

I spend my summer in Colorado in the mountains and I think the altitude makes the pain worse. I recently ended up in the emergency room (my second visit just for fissure/hemorrhoid pain) because the pain after going to the bathroom was just too bad. They gave me a prescription for the pain killer norco to take after I go to the bathroom because the pain is too horrendous. That helps but constipates you which is even worse for fissures/hemorrhoids/skin tags. I do not know what to do, after I go I cannot move for hours, the pain lasts for as long as 14 hours.

I have tried everything, and have had chronic pain for 6 years now and just want to figure out a diagnoses. Every doctor has told me something different, I know crohns is difficult to diagnose, but I feel like this could be it.

Can anyone help me figure out what this is and if it does indeed sound like perianal crohns? I cant take it anymore

Thank you!!!


Hi Yoanne,
Normally, I would recommend that you post questions related to a neurological condition to the Brain & Nervous System group. But in this case, you posted correctly to the Heart group since you suspect a correlation to your heart medical history.

Your questions definitely are beyond my medical knowledge or experience. I did a quick search and found a couple of mentions of a possible correlation between scintillating scotoma and cardiovascular issues. See

I’m also tagging @johnwburns on this conversation to see if he has experience or references to add.
I believe this is worth further investigation with your medical team.

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Try emu oil on and around the rectum. This is amazing. Also add prunes to your diet every day–lots sod prunes! I bet you will be amazing at the results.


Can you have chrons and the doctors telling you that you have ibs? I’m in so much pain I can’t live with it anymore and no help from anyone. They actually told me, last visit, they do not know what’s wrong and cannot help me. That is what the dr at the Health Dept of palm beach said to me.


Did you ever find out what it was ? I have same pain

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