Vasectomy reversal questions

Posted by fiskenmorder @fiskenmorder, Aug 17, 2021

I recently had a vasectomy reversal. My wife and I are going to try having children. I have two questions:

1) At what point can I resume having sex and ejaculating without doing damage to the procedure? I am currently 6 days out. The recommendation was 2-4 weeks, my surgeon said it varies from patient to patient. I had sex sooner than the recommended recovery time after the vasectomy with zero problems.

2) When I had my vasectomy, the amount of ejaculate I produced diminished greatly. From what I understand this is very common. After having the reversal, will this increase again back to pre-vasectomy levels?

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Hello @fiskenmorder. I think the key from what I've read on this procedure is to ensure you are fully healed before resuming sexual activity. Only your doctor will be able to clear you at the right point to ensure you don't compromise the success of your surgery. For any additional information you might want to compare against your doctor's, you can read more here:

– Vasectomy Reversal:
As to your other question, I am not finding anything definitive on your second question. I imagine the outcome of your procedure along with individual factors will determine if you see a return to your pre-vasectomy state.

When is your follow up appointment?

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