Vaginal odor and discharge?

Posted by flowerpetals123 @flowerpetals123, Jan 27, 2021

I have noticed increased white watery vaginal discharge to the point my boyfriend brought it up. I also have been noticing a slight BO smell in my underwear and pants. I’m not sure with the limited symptoms if this could be an infection, or a result of my new job requiring me to sit all day and an increase in me working out? ( I do shower immediately post workout) TY!

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You are experiencing watery discharge and a slight odor.

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Vaginal discharge looks different throughout your cycle. What you are experiencing could just be a normal change is discharge or it could be something that requires medical treatment. Have you ever had this kind of discharge or is this a change?

I see in other posts that you have been to the doctor. How long ago were you at the doctor and what kinds of tests did you have?

May I ask if you have contacted your primary care doctor or OBGYN regarding the discharge?


My vaginal discharge is watery and has a foul odor. In my past annual visits from my GYN it hasn’t shown that I have cervical cancer but the odor is really scary. What can I do I get rid of the odor?

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