Vacuum delivery

Posted by lizzy29 @lizzy29, Sep 30, 2019

Something pushing out of my vagina after brith

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@lizzy29 – This must be very scary. I have a couple of questions for you. Was this recently and just after birth? Have you spoken with or seen your gynecologist?


It was last year after I give birth I thought it will heal with time but I'm still saying it have not talk to any gynecologist about it what do y
ou think it is.


@lizzy29– It's very important that you call your doctor. I'm not a medical person nor can I diagnose you but if something was falling out of me I'd be running to my doctor. Have you not had a obgyny appt since your birth?


@lizzy29 I agree what has been said . You need to see a gyn As a retired nurse this has to be scary. Make your appt and let us know


@lizzy29– will you post what your Dr says it is? It could help others who have this and not posting to join our conversation. Will you do this?


Hi, @lizzy29 – that sounds super uncomfortable having something push out of your vagina. I had a vacuum delivery with one of my sons who was "sunny side up." I did not have any side effects that I know of (my son had a bruised head for a couple days) from the vacuum process. I did have bladder prolapse after my second delivery, however, and that made something (my bladder) nearly come out "down there."

Do you think that what you are feeling could be your bladder? Or are you thinking it is something else entirely?

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