Uterine Adhesions laparoscopic operation.

Posted by bujader @bujader, Oct 31, 2021

Hello there, wishing everyone doing great and having a good day.
I wanted to share a situation my and my wife been going through these days about laparoscopic surgery,
27y old mom with one 2.5 years old girl normal pregnant with normal baby condition just a caesarean birth, now it's been 1+ years of trying to get pregnant all natural ways, 30y husband checkup all normal readings both with good health major issues.
Been consulting some doctor before a while regarding a birth plan and been escalated in the plan and now got to the final stop with a opinion from certain doctor to make uterine adhesions hysteroscopy to remove all the adhesions that's found within the ovarian tubes.
My wife and i been thinking to much about it and whatever it's the only step that's between having another baby to shine our world.
Please if anyone went through our situation and can give us a review about the situation and if we can get medical response from a woman specialist doctor would be great for us.
Thanks for your time and wishing all the best for all in their life.

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Hello @bujader and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, an online community of people like you looking to both give and get support. I can tell that you are both very much wanting to add to your family and are willing to consider options that may allow you to do so.

You will notice that I have moved your post into the Fertility & Reproductive Health Group and updated the title a bit to include the specific area of your wife's concerns. I've included a link to some information that may be helpful for you as you explore this option.

– What to know about laparoscopy for infertility:
I should note that Connect does not offer medical advice by specialists so, instead, let me ask you if you are concerned about this being the next/only option and/or if you are concerned about the procedure itself?

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