Useful Risk Assessment Study for Favorable Intermediate Risk PCa

Posted by handera @handera, Mar 9 5:32pm

An April 2023 study (Dr Matt Cooperberg is one of the authors) of favorable intermediate risk (FIR) men indicates an average 15-year survival rate from PCa specific mortality, after RP, of ~97.8% versus ~96.2% (based on ProtecT trial data) for AS men.

The study points out that “the median age of men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer is 67 years and…all-cause 10-year mortality for men this age range from ~17% to 40%, depending on comorbidities.”

For older men (65+) diagnosed with FIR (or less - LR) PCa; this study helps to put perspective on what one gains (regarding mortality) by pursuing immediate treatment and its side effects.

Of course, one would want to ensure his FIR PCa does not progress; thus the importance of staying with AS protocol.


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