Any tips on how to get rid of Urinary incontinence and infection?

Posted by seabiscuit @seabiscuit, May 8 9:11am

On 22 march 2023 I had a radical prostatectomy after radiation. its been ruff. total incontinence. Have had a persistent UTI since bladder bag removed with occasional bleeding. Right now they tried Gentamycin.
Doesn't seem to be working either. Its like it seems to get better the burning goes away then few days layer it returns. Basically i feel good with no fever. I feel stronger everyday. Except for the incontinence and the infection. Seeing a physical therapist and practicing kegel . Any ideas on helping eliminate incontinence or infection. Some how i feel infection partly responsible for incontinence

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Be diligent in doing your kegels and make sure you are doing them correctly. It takes time but your incontinence will improve.


Have they sent a urine sample in for sensitivity testing? My urologist didn’t I went to my NP she tested and switched to the effective and cured..hope you able to also..


Urine Culture
A urine culture test can identify bacteria or yeast causing a urinary tract infection (UTI). If bacteria multiply, an antibiotic sensitivity test can identify the antibiotic most likely to kill those particular bacteria. Your healthcare provider may order a urine culture if you get chronic or hard-to-treat UTIs.

It has to be done by a lab, if the doctor is only doing in office urine tests or treating symptoms you could just be using wrong atb and that’s what causes antibiotic resistance.. have they sent out a sample for culture?


@seabiscuit, have you been able to get rid of the infection? Is the incontinence improving?

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