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Upper abdominal Pain 4 years now

Posted by @powerbeck, Jan 15, 2012

I have constant abdominal pain in the upper middle region. Very specific spot. I have had 2 x Ct Scans, 2 x Endoscopy, Full Blood tests. They thought it was my gallbladder so I have had that out. This has made no different. Can anyone Help as finding it very difficult to live with. Can anyone suggest any more tests?



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Posted by @drkjboltongmailcom, Jan 15, 2012

this may not be the case but look up pudedal nerve entrapment


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Posted by @anneinside, Jul 14, 2012

Even though you had your gallbladder out you could have your common bile duct blocked by sludge from the gallbladder which wouldn’t show up in an X-ray or CT scan. It can be cleared with an ERCP which is not a surgical procedure. This happened to me.

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