Unheard of ingredients in food

Posted by 1775house @1775house, May 27 8:59pm

Has anyone ever heard of a major grocery chain putting on their shelves a product with their store label " Signature" with the phrase "..., lead and others may be present"? Another usual possible ingredient but a chemical insect-derived we know as shellac. The store is Safeway and it's their Gummy Bears they taste great but after reading that leads me to say to myself "Yes, I know." However, how many others and how could these possibly be on the shelves? Anyone with answers?

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Any idea as to why Lead?

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Lead is in our soil, and used to be in some agricultural products (banned for years now) but it is persistent, and therefor may make its way into some of our foods. It is present in our soil, air and water.

I am guessing here, but if the product is manufactured in Europe where the labeling rules are stricter, they may be copying what comes to them with the imported product or ingredients.

One cannot entirely avoid lead, because it is found in everything from salt to root vegetables to fruits to greens, but eating a diet high in iron, calcium and Vitamin C helps the lead pass through the digestive system without being absorbed by the body.

Here is an article I found helpful:

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