Posted by Gonetoosoon619 @gonetoosoon619, Aug 9, 2016

New to this forum and I don’t know where or who can relate or possibly give me ANY answers?!?!

@gonetoosoon619 Welcome to May Clinic Connect, we are glad that you have joined us! If you feel comfortable doing so, please let us know a little about yourself. You posted under “Undiagnosed.” Could you share some of your problems that have been undiagnosed? If so, there might be folks in our community who can relate to your problem and share with you. In the meantime, stay connected. We are here to provide support.

Welcome to Connect @gonetoosoon619. @hopeful33250 mentioned that you were having technical problems posting me a reply. Please send me a message using this form https://connect.mayoclinic.org/contact-a-community-moderator/ and help you get it sorted out.

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