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Undiagnosed stomach ailment

Posted by @feeble6tress in Digestive Health, Jun 23, 2012

I gave birth to twin boys a year ago and have a 10 year old and 4year old as well. A few months after I had a c section fallowed by severe phnemonia and a blood transfusion my intestines began to tingle. My body started getting ill every time i ate and It has continued. Im down to 99pounds and they want lable me as having IBS when I know that is not what it is. I dont have diaria or constipation. Ive had colonoscopies, MRIS, catscans, upper endoscopies, Ive seen eastern and western health practitioners have tried achupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, meditation, ant spesmatics, gastric acid, digestive enzymes, pro biotics and herbs over the past year and nothing works. I get the most severe pain in my descending colon and its fallowed by tingling as though it is asleep. Now its spread to my right side. I get really bad sinus pressure when this happens as well and intense pressure in my recrtum. Its to painful to eat and ive been living off of brown rice, millit, and a few fruits and vegetables. I havnt had gluten or dairy in over 8months so its not that that is causing the problem. I so badly need an answer or some advice. Im thinking it may be endometriosis but they are hesitant to do a laproscopy but with this kind of mal nourishment my mental health is suffering and im having some pretty intense mood swings. Any thing you can offer would be greatly apreciated.


Posted by @lizzienicole, Jun 26, 2012

If the tingling in your intestines started after the blood transfusion, maybe their was something in the blood that's causing this. Especially if it happened during or right after having severe pneumonia because it would have lessened your body's ability to fight off any sort of inection or unwanted substance in the blood. It's a long shot but it's an idea.


Posted by @feeble6tress, Jun 26, 2012

ive tried to look up any kind of connection over the last few months but have yet to come across something useful. Ive asked my Drs about it and they think that there is absolutly no relationship but i happen to think otherwise. I mean having someone elses blood put into your body is pretty big.


Posted by @lizzienicole, Jul 2, 2012

I agree with you.

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