undiagnosed illness please help

Posted by 3r2wq @deepakvss, Apr 24, 2021

6 months ago i unintetionally lost weight from 74 to 60 now im 56
im eating fine but not gaining weight
im having frequent bowel movements
also im having polyuria(not frequent urination)
3 months ago i got brain fog still didnt go away may be its due to dehydration beccause of polyuria
all blood kidney urine and thyroid tests are normal
its been a long time still suffering
brain fog is delibitating

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Hi @deepakvss, welcome. I'm sorry to hear that you are searching for a diagnosis and do not have any answers yet. Mayo Clinic Connect is a community of patients and we cannot provide a diagnosis. However, we can help you figure out what questions to ask to help find answers with your doctors.

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I assume, since you listed your measurements and weight in metric that you do not live in the US. Would traveling to Mayo Clinic be an option for you?
You posted your question in the Endocrinology group. Does you doctor suspect that you have a condition related to the endocrine system? Have you seen an endocrinologist?


sorry i did not know the rules
no travelling to us is not an option
no doctors are not suspecting any illness since reports are normal


help me figure out what questions to ask


Have you been checked for Ciliac disease? My brother was diagnosed several years ago after several years of searching.


i didnt get tested but im sure its not celiac disease
the place I live we dont generally eat gluten foods its not part of our diet
so im naturally on a gluten free diet
i dont have decreased appetite(symptom of celiac disease) instead i have increased appetite
and also polyuria is not a symptom of it i have been having polyuria since i started to loose weight


sorry i did not know the rules
no travelling to us is not an option
no doctors are not suspecting any illness since reports are normal

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@deepakvss I'm sorry to hear about your problems. It's so distressing to know something is wrong but not to know what is causing the problem. I went through that for almost a year and a half before getting a diagnosis.

You say traveling is not an option but is traveling within your country to a major medical center a possibility? I found that they know so much more because they see so much more. I hope you can manage to go to one that's not too distant from you. I think that could be what you need to do to get a diagnosis.
Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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