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Undiagnosed Hip Pain

Posted by @traceface in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Jul 10, 2011

Ever since October 2009 I have had severe hip pain. I have been limping for more than a year and a half over this past year I have gone to physical therapy for seven months. It helps with ROM however it does not help with the pain. I have been continously passed on from specialist to specialist with no answers. The last specialist I am seeing has said he is excited some one sent him a legitimate case. I have had many test done trying to figure out what is going on:
MRI/MRI arthrogram/Cortisone Injection/X-Ray/Bone Density/numerous blood tests.All have not given us any results.I have tried many medications to help with the pain:Ultram/Flexeril/Neurotin/Celebrex/Ibuprofen/Acetominophen/Lyrica/Savella/Elavil still nothing has helped. I also have sharp pain in my arms and legs off and at times I have a hard time keeping fluids down and on and just do not have the stamina I used to. I am only 23. I am dedicated to going to the gym even though it hurts. No matter what I do the pain is still there. I have difficulty walking up stairs. It is hard going from being an athlete to not being able to do what I love. I have severe gait issues where my left foot goes inward in to compensate for the pain. I did not know if anyone out there has any ideas of things I can look into or try. At this point I am searching for any ideas or suggestions!

Tags: sports medicine, severe hip pain, hip, Physical Therapy

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Posted by @twins4ever, Oct 20, 2013

yes?! 🙂


Posted by @bessiekit, Jul 31, 2014

Sometime I have the same pain in my foot

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Aug 4, 2014

Hi, @bessiekit. Here's information on foot pain that may be helpful for you:

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