Uncomfortable bladder pressure

Posted by AngKayS @angkays, Dec 29, 2011

For the past month I have been experiencing uncomfortable bladder pressure . As someone who is prone to UTIs, I assumed that I had a UTI. I also have a prescription for macrobid, an antibiotic. Usually I can just take one and it goes away, but not this time. I took macrobid for about 2 weeks before I went to my dr who said I probably became resistant to the macrobid and he prescribed me cipro , another antibiotic- treating it as a UTI. After a week of taking cipro, I still have the pressure. It’s very faint, but uncomfortable and frustrating nonetheless. Today my dr called in a script for diflucan , a yeast infection treatment. I am hoping it works but am doubtful. If anyone has any thoughts I would love to listen. I am getting desperate. Thanks.

I have been down this very same road many times. I do have IC, but I also have kidney stones!!!! After taking Cipro(for a true infection), we tried 3 diflucan pills, then, my Urologist ordered a Cat Scan. Sure enough, there is a 5-6mm stone lodged low down in right ureter. There is intense pressure which is relieved by Hydrocodone and Pyridium. They can’t do the removal until Tuesday after Easter. Very frustrating. This will be my 3rd extraction. I didn’t get stones until I was 55, and now they come very frequently. My father & aunt had them, so definitely a genetic factor. I hope you can get some relief soon!

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