Unable to walk,

Posted by harshita4155 @harshita4155, May 16 4:34am

My symptoms started with a burning sensation on my foot, years ago which started going up my leg. Post Covid last year, my legs started feeling weak and I started having trouble walking. While walking my legs feel tight and I have started getting pain on my upper back and shoulder. I am now unable to walk more than 5 minutes. I am also now unable to stand on my toes and heels. My MRI shows mild inflammation. My symptoms last month was quite bad but are little better this month. I am also having constipation and bladder control issues. Not sure if this could be an autoimmune disease or a muscle issue. Kindly suggest and help.

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Have you considered a spinal issue?


Some of your symptoms sound similar to Cauda equina syndrome (CES). Here's an article on the condition where you can see if the symptoms sound like what you have.

— What is cauda equina syndrome (CES)?: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/cauda-equina-syndrome.

There are also a couple of discussions that you might want to view here:
— Cauda equina syndrome (CES): https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/my-story-in-short/
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Have you discussed the symptoms you are having with your doctor?


Yes did the MRI and they didnt find anything drastic there, more mild inflammation. My legs feel more stiff and tight, the pain comes when I walk too much but its difficult to walk with the stiffness. Its a symptom of foot drop.


@harshita4155 Your symptoms might be suggesting a spine problem such as spinal cord compression in your neck. That does cause bladder and bowel dysfunction and can lead to permanent incontinence if the spinal cord is not decompressed with spine surgery. It also causes foot drop, weakness in legs and an uneven gait. A spine problem can sneak up on you becoming very advanced and may not cause a lot of pain.

I am a spine surgery patient after a whiplash injury. I did have foot drop when that happened which got better, but returned years later. I also was getting headaches worse on one side, weakness in legs with an uneven gait where I couldn't stop limping, and weakness in arms. It got to where I would tire myself out just pushing a shopping cart and I could not control my arms well. In the years since the whiplash, the C5/C6 spinal disc had herniated and ruptured, and bone spurs grew next to it and it was all pressing into my spinal cord. If this was left to progress, I am sure I would have become disabled, and the incontinent because of spinal cord damage. I was having difficulty emptying my bladder which was probably an early symptom of bladder dysfunction. I know this might sound shocking to think about, and I felt that way too, but spine surgery to fuse one level in my neck was not that bad, and I recovered well and do not have these issues anymore. The surgery fixed everything.

You may want to read my conversation with member Robert Hoades @hodinator that begins with this link:
Robert had severe spinal cord compression and his doctors were considering removing his bowel because of severe constipation. He was unable to walk. He has recently had spine surgery and is doing a lot better. He shared a video with me after his surgery that even his stomach issues are improving. You could join him in that conversation, but he may be in and out on Connect since he is recovering from a 3 level cervical spine surgery. He is determined to walk again within a year.

Could you tell me what body part your MRI was looking at? Was it your feet? Spine problems are tricky even for doctors. You may want to consider asking for an MRI of your cervical spine (or even full spine) or seeing a spine surgeon for an opinion. Do you have any questions you would like to ask?

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