Ulceritive Colitis & Enteropathic Arthritis - humira?

Posted by royal35 @royal35, Jan 27, 2019

I'm curious to know if anyone has been diagnosed with enteropathic arthritis and used Humira with any success? I've been on Humira for almost 2 years and only get some relief. UC symptoms are in check but joint pain and fatigue are only reduced by maybe 50%. Somehow also developed lichen planus while on Humira (not oral – just skin).

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Hello @royal35, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I don't have any experience with Humira to share but did find some information that may be helpful.

Medical News Today – Humira (adalimumab) and its uses

Overview of Enteropathic Arthritis/Arthritis Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Co-Managing IBD & Arthritis: A Complex Prescription

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