Type 2 diabetes and long acting insulin

Posted by helpmysister @helpmysister, Oct 28, 2023

My sister has type 2 diabetes and Gastroparesis. She recently had a heart attack. They just put her on a low dose to start of Lantus. She just took her 1st dose yesterday but her blood sugar numbers are still high. How long does it take for this to change?

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Thank you so much……very helpful.
Have a great day.


Thank you for your input @grrranny. Every little bit is helping others for sure. In my original post I spoke about suppertime and how that helps me. I try to have something for lunch that will not raise sugar levels, then at suppertime something different that will also lessen the sugar. NOW doing that I have many times that I need NO insulin. If I am at 140 at bedtime I take no insulin, and usually at the next morning I will still be at 140 or below, sometimes down to 100. I just had blood drawn last week so I will see what my A1c is at my next visit to the primary. I hope it down.

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