Tymlos - how does ANYONE on Medicare pay for this drug?

Posted by jclang @jclang, Sep 14, 2022

I have been 'beating the bushes' to find help. I make just over the financial cut-off line for Forteo and Tymlos is worse. Their financial 'cutoff' is 13,000 and change (you can't make more than that per year!!!)

I am disgusted. I have reached out to every possible financial support organization and nothing works. I am not rich but if I pay what they want me to pay I will lose my condo!

I've tried the PAN foundation and all others like it. Social Security's rule is that you not make more than 20k a year to get help.

I have severe osteoporosis. I can't take bisphosenates. I am really angry at these greedy drug companies.

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Hi @jclang, welcome. I moved your post to the new Osteoporosis & Bone Health support group here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/osteoporosis/

I think you'll appreciate reading this very helpful post that @artscaping wrote to @amli65 regarding coverage for osteoporosis medication. While her post is specific to Evenity, I think some of the tips are transferable to your situation. See her comment here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/749893/

Fellow members @betterhealth @windyshores @contentandwell @psprice77 @csday @rubyz may also have some input about Medicare and affordability for you.

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Hi, @jclang
Welcome to Connect.
I am on Medicare and on Tymlos. You are right, there is little help for those of us who are on Medicare unless your income is below a certain level. I had been told the level was somewhere in the $50,000+ range, not $13,000. Are you sure $13,000 is not a quarterly income?

We did not fall under the income limit so we discussed the cost and decided together that it was a sacrifice worth making for us. I realize though that not everyone is in that position.

There are two other medications that do build bone, Forteo, and Evenity. I don't know much about Evenity but I believe that it does build bone and is not a bisphosphonate.
Forteo is beyond the time when generics can be made to be used instead of a brand name so it might be available for less money.

The other option is Prolia (Denosumab). Here is an article about it vs bisphosphonates:
and an article about Prolia:
I hope you find a medication that will help your osteoporosis, be affordable for you, and not have difficult side effects.

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