TW: I survived trauma

Posted by lidiana @lidiana, Nov 11, 2022

Hello 👋🏻 everyone,
I’m trying to connect with others that had similar experiences. I know there’s different types of trauma and it’s a really hard work to overcome it, but I guess what really helped me with all this is trusting my God. I just wanted to say I’m so glad and grateful I did.

Please keep the strength and trust the process 🙏🏻 Blessings and healing for everyone ❤️‍🩹

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You are awesome!!! Sorry can begin to express what I feel re your kidnapping and trauma and lingering PTSD. I have therapy every Monday. Next week I booked two to work through anger issues related to the rape. I was treated like a piece of trash. They left me strung out on the meth they injected basically for dead

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that is deeply, deeply horrible.

Sociopaths can lose all connection to any human feeling. Just dead inside. Nothing there at all. We are just objects to them. Mean no more to them than, like you said, a piece of trash.

Definitely take as much help as you need. Don't be shy about that. We have a right to live. A right to heal.

Take care now.


I have PTSD from an armed robbery some years back. Immediately after the event, I went to a counselor who told me that I "brought on the incident myself", by following a pattern of being at work by myself. I completely withdrew and went to the process of "stuffing" everything down. The robber(s) held a gun to my forehead, while trying to steal my purse. I had immediately started screaming involuntarily and my arm froze holding my purse. When the gun was held to my forehead he said, "stop screaming bitch, or I will kill you", but the screaming was not something I could control. In my mind I kept telling myself to give him the purse, but it was like my arm was frozen to my purse and I couldn't let go. He finally threw me to the ground in the parking lot, got my purse and ran. A neighbor closeby had called 911, but help did not come. I made my way back into my office and called 911 and they seemed to slowly take their time getting there. They wrote up a report, but never inquired as to how I was and then left. I locked up the office and drove home, stopping at a busy instersection red light, but then went through the red light in a daze, barely getting missed being hit. The police came to my home at some point with a photo lineup and the policeman told me that the one guy I picked had been arrested in a similar scenario for a robbery with homocide. He told me he wasn't supposed to tell me that, but that he hoped it made me feel safer that he was in jail. He asked if I could testify if they needed me, but I never heard back from them. It is amazing to me how the people you seek out for help let you down, make you feel worse and scare you even more. What is wrong with these people, treating the victim with such callousness? It has been years ago and I think I am over it, but something will happen and I am right back into the throes of PTSD.

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