Does Turmeric/curcumin help relieve pain?

Posted by juanjoserodriguezs @juanjoserodriguezs, Jan 10, 2022

With skeletal, muscular, neuropathic pain, etc., for decades, I do not want to load myself with pain relieving medications, therefore, I am turning to more benign formulas.
-what is the time frame when I expect experiencing relief with 1000mg. + BioPerine, onece daily
-is ginger a good addition to the mix?
Please add your comments.
For my wife, my mother-in-law and for myself, we have journeyed from Southern Indiana to the Mayo Clinic 22 times, but there are matters that do not warrant such a long trip.
Understanding that Mayo cannot easily endorse a brand of turmeric, what are your suggestions?
Kind regards,
Juan José

I will appreciate any help from the good folks at Mayo.

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Hello Juan José @juanjoserodriguezs, Welcome to Connect. I don't have pain with my neuropathy just the numbness and some tingling. I also take a lot of supplements that I run by my primary care doctor before starting anything new. I also take turmeric and have used several different brands over the years. For a lot of people including myself, cost figures into which one I buy along with the bioavailability which can sometimes be difficult to determine based on facts and advertising. While we wait for other members to share their favorites along with references on why it's good, Here's and article that lists some of the ones I have used and one I'm still using (Source Naturals – Turmeric with Meriva –

"Healthline's picks of the best turmeric supplements. Here are the 12 best turmeric supplements … Life Extension uses a highly absorbable form of curcumin." — The 12 Best Turmeric Supplements for 2021 – Healthline: is another good reference source –

One of my favorite sites for turmeric information, with recipes and more –

There are a few other older discussions on turmeric that you might find helpful:
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I think you are asking the question that most of us have when we decide to try a supplement – what time frame can I expect some relief? My own personal thinking is nobody really can answer that question. Each of our bodies and medical conditions are different and I think it is something that won't happen overnight. I also think diet and lifestyle play into the answer. I do like adding fresh ginger when I'm making juices and I enjoy drinking Turmeric with Ginger Tea at night that we get from Trader Joe's. I think it helps with inflammation but then I have no medical background or training.

Have you done any research into turmeric or ginger?


Hello John,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply!
I just now saw our company out the door and will promptly reply to your kind note.
Your writing is very informative; it indicates that you have done much research on the matter. I so much appreciate it.
I have researched Turmeric for about a week now. This was prompted by my brother Salvador to address my body aches. At 79, I DO have a few!
His family uses it fresh from their “herbal” stash at his coffee plantation; they add the tuber material to fruit and vegetable smoothies.
They have become committed to using as much from nature as possible to prevent and to address their health needs, with aid from indigenous employees who have for centuries availed themselves to plant substances for preventative and curative purposes.
Besides the pepper addition, I have also noticed that sources mention ginger. I just wonder about the relationship between turmeric/Curcuma longa and ginger since they both belong to the same family. Z. officinale suggests/indicates that it has historically been used for medicinal purposes. My knowledge only is limited to its characteristics in aiding in digestive health. This alone is meaningful to me since I have been treated at the Clinic for severe digestive malfunction.
I have not done any research on the pepper additive except for reading the labels of some of these supplements.
One can notice that some reviews which compare different brands of turmeric, give glowing reviews to the specific product they are selling. Not much trust can be place in such. This prompted me to inquire about brands. I bought the youtheory brand from Costco.
As to the efficacy of this type of supplement, as with all medications, the effects will vary greatly due to circumstances. However, some medications provide immediate effects as others take time to address the needs. This prompted my curiosity.
You provide many links in your report, which I will explore thoroughly.
Again, thank you much for your insightful remarks. I may again, as my knowledge on the matter matures, touch base with you once more.
Kind regards,
Juan José

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