Trouble doing laundry. Anyone else struggling with simple daily tasks?

Posted by kssunflower @kssunflower, Feb 25, 2022

Does anyone else struggle with doing laundry? I struggle matching things up and overall brain fog. It seems so silly and simple, but it's a challenge for me.

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@kssunflower @rinadbq @welchllb @jennifergillan03 @susie333 @centre @bettyjackson @jrg200911 In honor of this discussion, I used an image of a laudry basket when uploading Dr. Vanichkachorn's latest blog post. Dr. Van is a Mayo Clinic physician specializing in Post COVID Recovery.

Check it out.
– Early Care Tips for COVID Longhaulers

I like his advice of giving yourself permission to recover. Easier said than done, I know.


Yes, even 18 months post COVID I had trouble with simple household tasks. I recently started using a heart rate reduction technique that my occupational therapist taught me. And I am starting to be able to do more each week now. I posted my cardio heart rate reduction (which is also my shortness of breath) on the Facebook group Simple Tools for Recovering Long Haulers. I wonder if the same technique might help you as well?

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