Triple negative breast cancer using Prolia

Posted by @paulyd1 @paulyd1, Apr 25 1:34pm

I am triple negative breast cancer with bilat. mastectomies and bilat ovaries removed. I have been on Prolia for almost 12 years but my new insurance denied Prolia as I wasnt on a antihormone medication (like letrozole or anastrozole) to prevent hormone + breast cancer which FDA states is required. I cannot seem to work around it at this time. I am postmenopausal in my 70's so I really do not have a high risk for hormone + breast cancer at anytime and dont need the drug to prevent it. Has anyone else had this issue and if yes, how were you able to resume Prolia?

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This does sound like a wrong box was checked. Any update, @paulyd1?

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Yes, it was the wrong box by the office staff and I am scheduling for my Prolia. Since other replies show different treatments, I am going to keep my endocrinologist evaluation next month to see if I should change from Prolia. When I get on medicare in the near future, I am sure I'll have to do something affordable! Thanks for all the feedback.

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