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Treatment and Trials for Pancreatic Cancer

Posted by @hollyc in Cancer, Jul 15, 2011

After Resection from a Whipple what treatment or trials are recommended

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Posted by @strongenough2011, Aug 25, 2011

hi Holly C. I don't mean to be nosy or anything but can you tell me how you found out you had pancreatic cancer?

The reason I am asking is b/c I have had alot of tests run on me in the last 8 1/2 months to rule out everything but they have not checked my pancreas. I have lost close to 11 pounds since Jan, my skin drives me crazy itching so bad and I am just exhausted all the time. Recently, i have pain that comes and goes on my left upper side and goes into my back. It just feels like I sit the wrong way for too long.

Can you offer any suggestions? (ps i have an appt at Mayo this coming Tuesday the 30th)



Posted by @hollyc, Aug 26, 2011

It is my father that had it, he found out thru having a hernia and had a CT Scan. Very lucky to catch it so early. He had a Whipple procedure at UPMC Presby in Pgh. He had it all taken out and he is cancer free now. He had weight loss, only symptom for him, however, been told backpain and jaundice are other signs, as well as if your stole floats and has a odor and is greasy. That would mean that the enzymes are not working to break it down. His sugar was high too. Since the surgery his sugar is fine. My dad had a tumor that turned to cancer from IPMN disease. Its slow growing but blocked the pancreatic duct. It did not invade the lymphatic tissue or veins. Very good sign. Might have to do Chemo or may not. If they suspect its in this area, find a experienced surgeon that specializes in this area with a team. Very important. A Digestive Disorder Group. Stay positive! I hope I was able to help you.


Posted by @strongenough2011, Aug 26, 2011

thanks for the reply. I didn't want to come across as being nosy or anything like that. The worship leader in our church, his father had it but they caught it early enough that if they had not, it would only been 6 months more for him and he wouldn't have made it.

thanks for the info. I will ask when i get down there.

Hope your dad stays cancer free.

my thoughts and prayers are with yall.


Posted by @hammerhead3423, Sep 28, 2013

hi my father is going to be having whipple surgery soon what can my family and I expect after the surgery. what can we do to help him with his recovery, and how is your father doing now after surgery. Hope every thing is going good thanks again.

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