Pembro-Taxol-Carbo Treatment for Bladder Cancer

Posted by mcgonzalez36 @mcgonzalez36, Jun 30, 2019

So we came back from our visit at Mayo’s. One of the better experiences we’ve experienced. Doctors were able to give my grandmother options to continue to fight this stubborn bladder cancer. One option was to start her on Pembro-Taxol-Carbo regimen this is immunotherapy and chemo combo. We like this option because the chemo can be given in small doses and can be slowly increases depending on grandma’s tolerance. Has anyone been through or knows of someone who has had this treatment?

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I wanted to tag fellow members @kamama94 @predictable @jolinda @spooz2 and @mrbigdog2u as they have mentioned bladder cancer in the past.

Back to you @mcgonzalez36 how has your grandmother been feeling?


Hi. I have been on this combo after 6 months on a different immunotherapy (Nivo) failed. Had 4 treatments of the combo (every 3 weeks); was able to stop the chemo after a clear PET scan. Originally started the combo hoping to slow the growth of 5 tumors, so it was a very welcomed surprise. Battling Metastatic Melanoma, multiple lymph node sites. The plan is to continue on Pembro treatments until 4 clear PETs. 🤞

The first couple combo treatments were okay, had a low week, good week, then very good week. Tracked it so I would know what to expect each time. By the 4th treatment my blood counts were pretty low, and I was more and more fatigue. Today, 8 weeks out from stopping combo, I am doing good and almost back to feeling normal.

How is your grandmother doing?

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