Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Posted by scrambledeggs123 @scrambledeggs123, Apr 13, 2021

Has anyone received transcranial magnetic stimulation at the Mayo Clinic for autism, NVLD, or any kind of right hemisphere disorder?

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Hello @scrambledeggs123 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Here's an older discussion where members are talking about TMS that may interest you, although the focus was on depression.
– Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for long-term depression

I'd like to bring @jancer2017 @kimmym @stup @anndomico @callalily74 @callalily74 @klonbgone @kelster69 and @clutch to this discussion to share their experiences with TMS to learn more about the procedure itself.

What would you be looking to TMS to treat for you, or someone close to you, specifically?


Does anyone know about using MERT on a child with Autism. Does it work? Is it safe?

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