Anyone had a total radical neck dissection?

Posted by lilyann @lilyann, Jan 20 5:00am

high everyone, just found out yesterday that the dr. will do the thyroidectomy, total radical neck dissection. in 2 steps. wow! has anyone had this done recently?

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Yes, I just went through this in November. Actually, had to go through it 3 times in less than 2 weeks. Had radical neck dissection surgery to remove a cancer at base of tonsil cavity along with inflamed lymph nodes. Was a success, however a lymphatic leak developed after surgery and they had to re-open my neck a second time to stop the leak. Subsequently, they determined through a biopsy of the thyroid that I also had thyroid cancer (unrelated to the primary). They re-opened my neck a 3rd time and removed thyroid along with some additional lymph nodes.

Like any surgery, not fun, but it was necessary. I got through it and my neck incisions are healing nicely. Initially, the neck scars are a little disconcerting but they will fade over time. I did have some neck muscle weakness that I had to rehab with physical therapy for a few weeks afterwards but otherwise no lingering side effects. FYI, I am 60 and was otherwise in good physical shape prior to the surgeries.


salish33, thank you so much for replying back to me. sounds like you held it together being this was all done within the 2 weeks. so glad it was successful being everything was so close together. i have the stiff neck thing going on to where it seems like its getting worst in trying to turn my head. i also like the fact that you have no lingering side effects being they opened you back up 3 times. i can't imagine. i turned 80 in dec. so all of this is a big concern for me. they said they don't look at age. so we will see. thanks again for letting me know about your adventure. sounded awful scary really. wishing you wellness and happiness.

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