Total hip replacement

Posted by peggyn @peggyn, Mar 15, 2020

I was in awful pain in the groin several months ago. X ray and MRI showed OA. The specialist said I need a LTHR. I have waited all of these months because I have major back problems also and need surgery. The neurosurgeon for the back said which ever one hurts the worst do first. Well its different everyday.The hip only hurts real bad when I move a certain way or get up and down, but my limp hurts as I come down so hard on the good leg.. I’m thinking of doing the LTHR because it seems a little less avasive and maybe it will help my limp which will help the back some. I can live with all of this with pain meds, but I would like a better quality of live. Has anyone had anything similar…??

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Hi @peggyn that must be a tough decision.

@sueinmn @scottjeffe and @nancybb have all had hip replacements and may be able to share if they experienced similar symptoms before their hip replacements.

What has your research on these two procedures shown you?


My hip was so bad that I elected to address that first. I am still working with my back. I have not seen a neurologist. I had thought that my back issues were in part related to my limping due to hip. It’s not an easy decision. Right now I am working through intermittent issues with hip and groin issues and constant lower back pain. I am in PT. Good luck going forward with your treatment.


Did your hip replacement help with the limp? I feel like a lot of the limp is from the hip and I step hard with the good foot which hurt the back. If you had it to all over again would you do it different ? I have scheduled the hip surgery, but today I feel like it's my back LOL… I was told by the neurosurgeon. that I have spondothelsis [sp] and spinal stenosus. I would need a spinal fusion and clean out all around the lower spine to free nerves. part of left foot that has the bad hip doesn't work right and will not get better.. It is a very hard decision, but I just feel like the hip replacement could help the back pain.


I would still do my hip replacement. I don’t know that they will ever do anything for my back. So I am in a totally different situation than you. I have no choice.


@peggym I have osteoarthritis in my back. However, my hip pain got worse over the period of a year to the point where my sleep was interrupted by the pain. No surgery was recommended for my back so that was not an option. I figured my hip pain would just get worse over time, so I had a Left Total Hip Replacement at Mayo in November, 2019. My orthopedic surgeon told me that the hip replacement would not change the back pain. As my. hip surgery continues to heal, I have some days where my back and hip hurt more than others. I did not have groin pain, though, prior to the hip surgery. What does your surgeon say about that? Do you want to get a second opinion? You are a good judge of your pain and you know where the pain occurs most often and when. I would want someone to provide a thorough assessment of my mechanics – back and hip – before making the decision. I wish you all the best as you work with your orthopedic to figure this out.


I didn’t have any groin pain before my THR either. It started about 11 months post surgery after several short trips where I did a lot of walking while sight seeing. Trying to start some extended walking now after completing some PT.

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