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Posted by ce1b @ce1b, Jan 12 6:07am

I came across a blog this morning that was “too good as not to share”. Let me preface this with the knowledge that I was diagnosed with LungNETs in August of last year. I have 2 “fast growing” tumors ( one in the lung the other in my #5 lymph node). Surgery was ruled out so I recently completed my radiation and chemotherapy and am now awaiting my post treatment scan now scheduled for February 27.

All that being said I’ve been educating myself on how to survive. That is when I came across this man who has done a deep dive on the practical side of our NETs journey. I highly recommend reading thorough his Horrible Hormones article to fully understand the NETs. I found it enlightening to understand my next phase of my treatments that I’m preparing for.

Visit “” for a comprehensive understanding of surviving NETs. All feedback is appreciated and have a blessed rest of your day.

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Hello @ce1b

I took a look at the blog you mentioned. It is always great to read of experiences of others who have NETs!

I hope that the results of your next scan show improvement. How are you feeling now that your radiation and chemotherapy are over? Has there been symptoms relief?


Hi Teresa

Some of my symptoms have lessened in discomfort but new problems have taken their place. I attribute it all to the progression of the cancer or from the treatments. I try to keep it all in the perspective of my journey.

I’m having difficulty swallowing now. Not to the extent that I can’t eat but it hurts and it’s a little scary.
My headaches are still with me but less painful than during my treatments. And I’m kinda freaked out about taking a bunch of Tylenol due to the potential kidney problems. Most of the problems are tolerable so i’m feeling blessed.

There are other hormonal test that need to be performed to get me into a balanced state. That’s on next week’s schedule.

Many of the things that used to seem important are almost laughable. Sometimes I think I’m a better person now than I was pre-diagnosis. The introspection is something I’m not used to. All being said I’m feeling almost not worthy when I see the people that are suffering so much more than me.

Blessings to all


@ce1b Fantastic site, thank you for sharing!


Ronny Allan is the best! He has a wonderful facebook group too! All the information you will need on your journey!! Best wishes for you!


The famous quote states that knowledge is power. Thank you for the information you sent our way. I've only begun to read and digest it. The human body is fascinating and what is happening inside of us is, in some sense, a shared experience through the Mayo blog. Thank you!

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