Toenail removal aftercare or soaking for ingrown toenails

Posted by Book2075 @book2075, Jul 4, 2017

I wanted to post this information for people dealing with Toenail pain or recovering from Toenail removal surgery.
1 inch or 2inch small gauze rolls
Iodine Solution or Peroxide
Pain-free wrap tape (First Aid Tape)
White paper tape ( First Aid Tape)
Foot Bucket
Epsom Salt ( Foot care aisle)

Soak the foot in a bath of warm water and Epsom Salt for 15 minutes twice a day for three to five days. It helps to soak the foot three times a day if the toenail bed dries out and cause you given greater pain. If it really hurts, quickly dunk the foot in the water three times for the first three days.

Place a cap full of Iodine of Peroxide on the wound rinse the germs off the wound.
Wrap gauze around the toe a couple of times.
Tape with white paper tape.
Wrap with pain-free wrap tape to keep gauze in place.
Cover wrap tape with paper tape to keep the bandage in place.
Wear extra large sock or spa sock to keep foot warm.

The pain will be a 6 or 7 on the pain scale for about a week. The first 72 hours is the worst. My podiatrist says it takes a month for the toenail bed to heal and form a protective layer of thin skin.

@linda68 I had my big toe nail removed Dr told me to soak in Epsom salts in warm water till water got cold dry it off use Neosporin and bandage till bleeding stopped after it looks like it's healing leave to air but when bandaged use Neosporin

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