To start generic Fosamax soon and very concerned!

Posted by pattitoo @pattitoo, Apr 28, 2019

What can anyone share about their Osteoporosis meds......I have consulted with 2 Orthopods, GP, Dentist and Chiropractor. All feel I should try the med.
I am reluctant for some reason, know several that took one dose of their med and had side affects. I was going to start tomorrow morning, Have some busy weeks, in a quandary to say the least.
All 4 DEXA scans were requested by me, only the last one is in the Osteoporosis level.-- 2019 T SCORE -2.7 --in 2014 was -2.3 (what are Z scores?)
Z scores show also.
Please share your experiences with us if you want, the information will be helpful and appreciated by all..
For several years I have taken Vitamin D and Calcium.
I am almost 77 and live alone.. My weight is good, lost less that one inch in height.
Doing my best to be optimistic.
Thanking each of you for input you care to share.

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I am recovering from two broken hips, they were 45 days apart. I'm taking calcium, magnesium and D3, also Fosamax. So far, so good. However, I would like to find a magnesium that didn't cause loose stools, and is absorbed well.

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Magnesium Glycinate is absorbed well and doesn’t cause loose stool. It’s a little harder to find and more expensive, but I find it’s worth it. There’s some reports that it can help relax the muscles, promote sleep and/or help with anxiety, so some people take it in the evening for that reason.

Glad things are going well so far and hoping your recovery continues that way.


Try looking up magnesium supplements. It tells you want each type helps. I take magnesium threonate for nerve damage. Read all the ingredients and where it comes from. Stay away from brands such as spring valley and nature made and everything out of China.. I take the D3 with K2. Better absorbed and better for your heart. Also, if the magnesium you take causes loose stools, it is poorly absorbed. I have a naturopath doctor who helps with supplements. I broke the same hip twice. I didn't take the Fosamax. Just my own choice not to.

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