To do or not to do: Bilateral mastectomy and implants

Posted by sclark3 @sclark3, Apr 1, 2019

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I am having a bilateral mastectomy and implants Now I am second quessing my decision to have the implants I am sixty one and have allot of cronic pain and don’t know if I can go through all the things that an implant involves and have read where people get sick and have trouble with them I am scared enough the way it is Please help me with some comments and experiences you have had Thank you I am having surgery next week so I need to make up my mind

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Hi. I had a bilateral mastectomy last year and decided to go flat at that time. I was told that reconstruction (with implants) could always be done at a later date if I ever regret my decision. It was nice to have the pressure off of thinking it was now or never for reconstruction. Perhaps talk with your surgeon and meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss all options and possible timelines so that you can make the decision that works best for your recovery and healing process.


@sclark3 I had a BMX in June 2018 after 8 months of chemo. I knew I wanted immediate reconstruction. My plastic surgeon used a permanent expander that becomes the implant. This means the is no 2nd surgery needed to switch out the expanders for the implant. The brand name is Becker. I appreciate where you are coming from dealing with pain. Personally I was pleasantly surprised by how little pain there was. The expansion felt like a good workout at the gym, a bit sore but no pain. I also agree with @tessfair1 that you can always change your mind later on. She offers good advice to seek out a second opinion from a plastic surgeon. Good luck.


I had a mastectomy but still ended up needing radiation. My only option later was a LAT Flap. The plastic surgeon said it would be fine but I was already having so much pain from neuropathy that there was no way I was going to let them rip out my back muscle with a risk of more chronic pain. If I had the option just for implants I might do it but the LAT flap is more risk.

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