TNBC with repeating recurring skin mets insights?

Posted by yaagsmith @yaagsmith, Mar 3 8:23am

Have TNBC and been on many chemos with local recurring skin mets. Had surgery, chemo, and radiation. Out of options for chemo and have stumped oncologists on how to treat. Any insight? High nuclear grade, micro metastasis, high Ki67 at 85%, positive pancytokeratin AE1/3 and CK7 with mostly positive GATA3 and dermal lymphatic invasion.

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Yaagsmith, are you being treated at a comprehensive cancer center? Might a second opinion be worthwhile?


Hi @yaagsmith: it sounds like you have been in your journey for a while? And have you had some positive responses for a while before your reoccurring mets? And has it only been your skin?

Every”body” is different as you know. When my Lobular in one breast and Lobular and Ductal in the other went to my skin, it went “in” as suppose to showing itself externally. I did have a half dollar size raised bump but it was never externally angry. My dermatologist biopsied it. That and several other “internal” bumps went away on Verzenio and Arimidex. At the time, it was noted that my skin was my largest organ but as such slow moving and low energy. 18 mos later my cancer showed internally in other areas but never back to my skin.

I second @colleenyoung in getting a second opinion as it can be beneficial to find a doctor who has had greater experience in your area. I am being treated at Moffitt as my lead, and Yale Smilow for 5 mos every year when we work remote.

Good luck on your journey - you have taken a positive step in reaching out on this site and Colleen stepping in.

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