Any anyone had Xeloda and proton beam therapy for TNBC?

Posted by leolion811 @leolion811, Apr 27 4:43pm

Any anyone had XELODA for TNBC? I am on my 2nd reoccurrence for TNBC ( in 4 and 1/2 years). How about Proton Therapy? I am starting this Monday, April 29th with 6 weeks of Xeloda & Proton Therapy Monday thru Friday? I am trying to be ready to start but very anxious because of all the terrible side effects for both. Thanks 😊

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I had a year of Xeloda for TNBC - started out as 6 months, 2 wks on, one off, with a ramp up to that as I finished out radiation.

Pretty quickly after beginning full dose I was suffering from the hand/foot syndrome too much and had to switch to a year - 1 wk on, 1 wk off.

That was 2 years ago, and the skin on my hands is still recovering, however I haven't had a reoccurrence yet.

Also, besides physical symptoms there is insurance concerns. Because Xeloda was a pill it's billed on the **prescription** side of your insurance, not the medical side. Also, you can't get it at just any pharmacy, I had to go through CVS Caremark.

It took two rounds for my insurance to kick in, so before they had my specifics each round round was billed at $1500, which is what CVS estimated my prescription side would cover.... Most insurance is not great for prescriptions of this nature.

Luckily our insurance covered it by a huge margin and the $1500 dropped down to $8 each round. My oncologist said we were extremely lucky, though. Usually the out of pocket is pretty high,she said.

Good luck!

For the side effects I recommend Aquifer every night with spa gloves and socks. You may need to glove up during the day, too, during active treatment.


What was your dosage amount? Mine will be 1000mg in AM and again 1000mg in PM.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I am loaded up with all kinds of creams, lotions
Plus for Proton Therapy, my oncologist said I will burn around week 3. Plus I got all kinds of gloves & socks ready.

My Medicare picked up Xeloda at 100%. At a specially pharmacy that they shipped over nite.

Hope you are doing well. 🙏🏼

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