Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN): Sinus problem trigger

Posted by tnpainisreal @tnpainisreal, Nov 26, 2019

Hi, I am new to this group. I have trigeminal neuralgia, triggered by the usual triggers plus sinus problems. Anyone have a sinus problem trigger?

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I’m dealing with a new issue recently. I have sjogrens winding if anyone else is experiencing this. By evening and all though the night have very high pain in left back of thigh area all the way down by calf and burning and numbness in feet. Mostly on left side. Except burning in both feet. It’s getting worse each night waking me up and unable to fall back to sleep. Using heat socks on areas but have no idea what this is?


Did you ever receive a diagnosis or have your issues resolve? I’m having similar issues & doctors keeping passing me off to each other with no ideas for what’s wrong.

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Are you having a problem with mucus buildup, runny nose no cold, cough shortness of breath? I have this problem. Dairy is the number one culprit but processed meats are not good. If this fits, you will find info on internet by googling mucus problem or something like that.


Hello, I am now just on here searching for answers similar to your if not identical? I have swelling on uppet inside of right side nostril, The pain I can actually touch if I used a saline salution bottle. It also has caused swelling on the outside of my upper nose under my eye as well. I was checked for tear duct blockage and that is not the case. I also have pain sometimes on right back side of head. My Dr. Is ending me to ENT again. I have had CT scans for this pain and inflammation before and it always comes back normal. So I am wondering myself is this trigeminal neuralgia? Can that cause sinus congestion post nasal drip, pain and swelling in just this area? Hopefully we both can find some answers here. I will say prayers for us.

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