TKR Extruded cement left in knee, causing problems.

Posted by larayne @larayne, Sep 6 7:54am

My surgeon left a chunk of extruded cement in my knee. It is causing pain and pinching laterally, as the cement is attached to the tibial implant edge. I’m a little over 5 months PO. Frustrated with surgeon and 2nd opinion, as neither has ever had to operate to remove extruded cement. I will be checking in to a 3rd opinion at Mayo. I need to find a surgeon who’s actually dealt with this in their practice. Apparently, it’s fairly rare. Has anyone ever had a problem with extruded cement?

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@larayne, ouch. Some members, like @kact @coloradotkr @gardeningjunkie and others, have talked about getting a knee replacement revision after discovering they were allergic to cement.

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Here is information about requesting a second opinion at Mayo Clinic if you need it:
I sure hope a revision is possible for you.

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