TKR- Burning Calf pain postop for several weeks...

Posted by shawnarjones @shawnarjones, Oct 7 4:16pm

I am 5 weeks post-op on a TKR and have consistently had calf pain- sometimes a deep pain, and sometimes a stinging pain in my calf since the surgery. I've been advised to elevate my leg frequently throughout the day because of some swelling. I've noticed when I do this, my calf stings and the pain geta worse in my calf until I can't stand it. Does anyone recall a similar experience post op, and if so, what did you do to get any relief? Thanks!

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I am having the same issues. My PT keeps giving me more exercises to stretch my calf it still hurts so bad. She also told me I could use a muscle cream on it but it doesn’t help either. I have my four week post-op on Tuesday so I am going to bring it up with surgeon. If I get any useful advice, I will let you know.

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