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Tired, Undiagnosed and frustrated

Posted by @cityus, Sep 30, 2013

Hi there, I have been have strange symptoms for almost 7 years

I am a 25 year old male – father of a 5 year old son that has high demands of my body!!

I can’t seem to find any relief but things seem to come and go.

Here are my symptoms.

0. Stabbing head pains on the left top of my head ( sometimes they are short and quick, other times they linger on. usually in the same area, but have felt them in other places in head.) I have had an MRI that didn’t reveal anything.

1. Muscle Twitching
2. Joint sounds ( popping, cracking snapping)
3. Muscle stiffness
4. Anxiety
5. Fatigue
6. Hard to wake from sleep as well as restorative sleep
7. chest pains/ discomforts – Sharp, achy, fluttering.

the only thing that I can point to is when I was given floroquinolone antibiotics (cipro) around 7 years ago for a suspected cyst.

I have had tons of blood work done over the years with no help.
I do suffer from anxiety but it’s is mainly regarding my health.

I can’t seem to find the right answers, my girlfriend and I are planning on getting married and adding to the family but I can’t imagine doing so feeling like this. :gosign:

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Posted by @cityus, Sep 30, 2013


leeladhar wesley

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Posted by @leeladharwesley, Oct 3, 2013

Do excerise daily


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Posted by @anon88669958, Oct 4, 2013

Meditate often . Release all stresses in your life and let the truth set you free. You may be experiencing some jitters. Go to a homeopathic MD. They are your best hope for a diagnosis


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Posted by @burlfish40, Oct 4, 2013

You can take all the pills your listed symptoms, and they will most likely continue in the long run. Set yourself some personal time/use boundries, do regular progressive relaxation exercises and get in touch with your body and see what trips your symptom triggers, especially the anxiety, sounds like it has been around for awhile, learn to control it without medication. You have a lot of good suggestions so far…use them and be most diligent to yourself…and others will also.

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