[TIP] How to Use Connect: Step-by-step Instructions

We’ve updated how to Get Started on Connect.

These step-by-step instructions with illustrations will help you get the most out of Connect. Find tips on how to:

  • Follow a Group(s)
  • Take Part in a Discussion
  • Start a New Discussion
  • Mention Members
  • Send a Private Message
  • Add and Edit My Profile
  • Set Notification Preferences
  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe from a Discussion
  • Stop or Restart all Notifications

Connect FooterThe Get Started on Connect instructions can be found any time on any page on Connect. Simply scroll down to the footer on any page. In the footer you can also read:

  • About Connect
  • About our Moderators and Mentors
  • Community Guidelines
  • Disclaimer
    and more…

Let us know what instructions you would like to have added to the Get Started page.


Thank you, couldn’t have done it without all your help and kanaazpereira’s help. Thank you both for your patience. I wish there was a users guide for dummies on here but I’m probably the only one who needs it.

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@yayaaz, I am glad to hear that your aunt will not be put on the Big 3. I hope they keep her on a monthly antibiotic to keep the mac down. My dr swithed bi-monthly Cipro and doxycycline for three yrs,; and now on Cipro and tobramycin. So far, it has kept me going and cough free for several years now. I hope that your aunt will improve.


Is there a group for liver hemangioma or liver resection. That is why I’m coming to Mayo in a couple weeks and would like to connect with people who have had the surgery.

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Hi i have been dignose liver hemangioma since 2010 after i had my baby in London 2009 at that time was 13ctm size since i moved here with my research I end up mayo clinic with me no symptoms i had 2 embolization surgery but it didn't shrink now the size increase to 21ctm I have no choice i had book for surgery september if god will . Have faith and pray may god make easy for everyone who suffer with any sicknesses

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