Tingling/numbness in face, arms and legs. Walk isn't normal

Posted by lynn32 @lynn32, Aug 14 3:28pm

April 27 my right foot wouldn't walk right. One week later started feeling a weird sensation on my tongue. Then my right side of my face started tingling/numbness. Went to er thinking I might be having a stroke. Two CT and MRI came back normal. Days later I Gradually started feeling the tingling/numbness down my right arm. Then on to both sides. The sensation comes and go. My walk comes and goes as well. July 1 I started feeling really different. I was so fatigued. Two weeks out of the month of July I spent the majority time in bed. At one point I was somewhat lethargic. I've been to ER 3 times all test coming back normal. Had another MRI. A sono on my neck. A cortisol test and lots and lots of blood work done. ALL coming back normal. My local neurologist is trying to pinpoint it but not having much luck. I had a very mild case of Covid in November. Could this possibly be long Covid? I started taking black seed oil two weeks ago and do feel better but I'm still having tingling/ numbness that comes and go. Anyone else experiencing these symptoms?

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@lynn32, this must be frightening, especially when tests seem to indicate all is normal. A few things come to mind like Bell's palsy and Lyme disease. Have they been ruled out? Did you talk with the neurologist about a possible link to post-COVID infection?


Yes both of those have been ruled out. Neurologist does not think it’s long Covid.


Have them check for superficial siderosis. This is caused by a brain bleed. A primary symptom is ataxia, loss of balance. I have serious trouble walking.

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