Time for surgery: Questions about travelling home after brain surgery

Posted by teresaallen @teresaallen, Nov 10, 2020

Hello group! I am new the group, although I have had my Meningioma tumor for 3 years. Like most of you, it was discovered by accident through another visit to the emergency for me. The first year I was a mess, because my sister had just had two removed and ended up stroking/paralyzation and a very long recovery. I’m thinking great..not looking forward to this journey God, but you have chosen my path…..Back then it was a little over 2cm, but it has continued to grow and now up to over 4.3 cm. I have been graced with no symptoms so far. It is located on the dividing membrane on both sides so I was told surgery will be very difficult and possibly a very long rehab…this was from a local surgeon. Well I called Mayo and what a relief and comfort listening to the words and possible outcome from Dr. Lanzino. I will be having the craniotomy on the top of my head and possibly two entrances to tackle this annoying tumor on both sides of the membrane. He gave me such hope that eventually I will lead a normal life BUT I still have to have surgery. I have decided to do it in February or March (perfect weather in MN..right??? Lol) need to get things in order.

When I found this group I was so happy, where I can read about other people with the same issues as me and successfully having surgery and living their lives. My question to you all is … after surgery were you able to travel home by car? Any positive reasons for the drive instead of flying?? I could charter a special private plane (I have a friend who will give me a huge discount and also works with Wings of Mercy). I live in Michigan. Thoughts and maybe some idea on what my recovery will be like if all goes as planned???

Thanks for your comments and thank you all for helping a newby pop in and see what I am going to be looking at. It does give some comfort and I am sure I will be asking questions after surgery. I keep thinking if I forget about it and ignore knowing something is in my head it will go away…ugghhh…nope! Lol. Again, many thanks.


@mockinbird thank you for your reply! I am expecting rehab also, I feel very comfortable with Dr Lanzino…a little unnerving but I feel pretty confident and content for the most part…until the day of surgery..lol. Mayo is amazing with all of their information, these blogs and everyone has been so courteous.

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Best of luck now and with your future endeavors. The resources at Mayo's are amazing as well as the talent. I found the staff to be caring. If you have concerns, I'm sure Mayo's would want to help with anything. That is reassuring. Best with all.

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