Tight Band Around Ribs

Posted by beebox55 @beebox55, Oct 14, 2019

I have a feeling of a tight band around my ribs which can come and go during the day. It's usually when I'm in a semi-lying position or sitting. There are times it comes also with standing.I also have acid reflux. I've had multiple tests done and all is normal except intermittent esophageal dysmotility with some intraesophageal reflux. I went to the GI dr and he thought I may have costochondritis. I also had the same symptoms this spring but it went away for a few months and now it's back. I don't understand why this cannot be figured out.

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Last June 2022, after radiation therapy for 6 weeks daily to my left chest wall, I developed severe tightening in my entire chest, making it difficult to get a deep breath without pushing against what feels like a tight band wrapped around me (24/7 all day). I went to Physical Therapy to help with regaining movement around the surgical area. In August, I started Myofascial Release Therapy 2x a week(interrupted in September and October), then starting up again in November. In March, after nearly 5 months of therapy and no relief, we took a break. My radiation oncologist suggested we try the Barometric Oxygen Therapy for 6 weeks to see if that might help loosen up the fascia. That treatment did not change anything for me. I am uncomfortable daily with this tight band, and not sure where to turn for relief. Is there any of kind of treatment that anyone knows about that might help me. Even with the uncomfortable tightness, I swim regularly and participate in 2 Qijong classes a week and continue to stretch. Thank you for any suggestions.


I've had the same problem for over four years now and it is constant. I think that doctors have been somewhat dismissive of this problem because I cannot say that it causes me "pain". However, it is still to the point of being unbearable because of the extreme tightness around my midriff that never lets up except when I am lying down on my side. I can't sit up in bed to read like I used to do because then I feel it again. I have been wondering if it is a myofascial problem as I can feel painful knots that hurt when I press down on them. I had a brief therapy that dealt with this but the practitioner really didn't focus on this area and the therapy was brief. I am wondering if vibration therapy of some kind might help, as vibrations do relax muscles. I'm having to come up with my own ideas on how to deal with this as doctors have provided me with no real help. So, anyway, yesterday, I sent away for a vibratory belt and will see if that has any effect. The only thing that I have found that helps me cope with it, is a hernia brace. I think maybe it's because it makes it feel as the tightness is coming from the belt and not my body. It's perhaps a kind of illusory effect. Anyway, I have been desperately looking for some kind of treatment or at least other people who experience this as well. Would love to hear from you.

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