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Tibial plateau fracture

Posted by @shehata88, Tue, Apr 17 4:36am

I had lat. Tibial plateau fracture 7months ago. Three months post operative I developed infection, my doctor told me that is from the plate and advice me to adapt to this situation till complete 6 months to get rid of plate and screws. Now I have complete 7 months post operative and another doctor suggested only depridment without removal of plate….


@shehata88, welcome to Connect. First, those are some intense screws! I have screws in my left ankle from an ankle fusion, but they are not quite as big as those. If you don't mind sharing a bit more, now that you are seven months post-op, how is your infection doing? Did your provider discuss that a debridement would help with the infection?

Infection formed a sinus that discharge pus continously
My doctor told me that depridment will comfort me some what, but not will eradicate infection

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