Partial Knee Replacement: Post-op pain

Posted by l2consulting @l2consulting, Jul 23, 2019

Had to take an Oxycodone last night…had pain that kept me from being able to sleep. I have been doing so well but ice, elevation, and Advil didn’t cut it. I was active yesterday but I think I twisted my leg with an awkward movement doing my stairs…or perhaps the 3000 steps i walked. I am discouraged as I am 3 weeks pos op today and feel I should be past this kind of pain.

PKR July 2, 2019.


I am having spasm type pain at night behind my surgical knee. I am 4 wkss post op. Is it from my hamstrings?

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My knee started “spazzing” in hospital before I was released. My Doc gave me a low, short-term prescription for Valium and it worked. I took it as needed for about a week after I was released.


I am 5 wks post op PKR and i am experiencing tightness and pain behind my knee

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