There is any of you have a stomach on the right side up and down like

Posted by crazykbl @crazykbl, Feb 2 1:49am

I found out on what am I test when I was having stomach problems that my stomach was on the right side and it was up and down I have a big opening on the top and a small and it's smaller on the bottom. Is this normal. I have the actual is that normal to have gastroparesis for that type of stomach and I have bowel movements where it takes several days for me to have a bowel movement.

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I'm not sure what you're describing exactly but I will share my experiencies. When I was around 20 years old I'd been suffering with problems of having to get to a bathroom immediately after eating. This was 50 years ago. My doctor did a barium enema (Xray) and he said because I was so thin (98 pounds) that my stomach was not shaped as it should be--not enough fat to support it and it was long, not ?cradled/cupped. Therefore, my food was going immediately to the bottom of the stomach and putting pressure to the intestines and to cause make me have a BM to relive the pressure. Because of these problems it caused me to have anxiety and of course, social problems. Going anywhere to eat caused me to first look for a bathroom. Over many years I gained 20-25 pounds and that helped but even now I can have an issue. I've had several colonoscopies and even a left hemicolectomy which was due to diverticulitis. I feel the diverticulitis was primarily caused by my anxiety and these gut flareups. I wish you the best as you continue to find answers. Blessings.


Hi in my pendulums stomach with the gastric antrum one right upper Quarter above the the gastric antrum distal stomach

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