The Undiagnosed

Posted by kaz75 @kaz75, Dec 20, 2011

How is Mayo at diagnosing the “undiagnosed”. No one has been able to figure me out for 9 years. I’m getting tired. My neurologist mentioned sending me there. I live in Rochester, NY.

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Why would you not go there? If you want to be heathy, take every chance you can, no matter what!


Hi kaz75: what symptoms do you suffer from? Also, why not try for another opinion from the secialist at Mayo?


9 years ago I started having trouble swallowing. I lost 100 pounds because I couldn’t eat. I developed Food allergies to wheat, dairy, soy. My genetic test for celiac is neg. 3 years ago I developed severe neuropathy & am numb from the waist down. My hands & face are numb. I have a high MMA, but had many B12 shots and that did not affect the MMA. My sed rate is high. There are some strange things with my spinal tap, I can’t remember what exactly. Oh, I also was diagnosed with Fibro several years ago. Recently, I have developed RAD and severe sleep apnea. I have had SVT and am on meds for a high heart rate.

I went to The Cleveland Clinic & got no help. I was very disappointed. Before making the trip from NY to Minn., and going through more tests, I wanted to be sure I didn’t end up like I did from Cleveland. With no help.


I just came from Mayo in June for chronic global pain symptoms that are much milder than yours. They diagnosed small fiber neuropathy based on a special sweat test they do there. We still don’t know the cause, but they gave me some of the puzzle pieces. While I was a little disappointed that everything was not crystal clear (and the only treatment they offered was medication), it was still worthwhile. And I’ve talked to several people who really feel like Mayo saved their lives. It’s a really enjoyable place.


I am currently UnDiagnosed and I am frustrated. When I get called by Mayo or emailed for my appointments, I will respond to this. I cannot get into details of my musculoskeletal condition(s) for privacy. I work in healthcare field and I have not gotten answers I so desperately need or proper care from the specialists that I’ve seen. So I have decided to take the leap and advice from people and try to go to Mayo Clinic. Good luck to everybody and God Bless you all. May God or whatever you believe in grant you good health and long healthy lives!

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