The gastro after effects of colorectal cancer

Posted by karir @karir, Apr 25, 2021

I am 5 years from my colo/rectal cancer diagnosis, I went through chemo and radiation, then wore an iliostomy bag for 6 months, then had that reversed, so no bag anymore, that was a hard transition, then 1 1/2 years after recovery they founds cancerous tumers on my liver, they were removed by surgery, no chemo this time, I am having lots of problems with diarrhea and loose stools, I also have no control when this happens, I think the radiation took away the feeling in my rectom, sometimes I’ll be walking around with stool in my pants and I don’t even know it, until I’ll start to smell something, sometimes it’s me, sometimes its not, but when its me, its so discouraging and embarrassing. Im 57 years old, I’m a hairdresser, I’m not due for retirement for 8-10 years. Help!!!

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I have had a difficult time with diarrhea and loose stools after colon cancer as well. I have tried many things, Octreotide injections are the only thing that has successfully worked for me. Hope this helps.


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@karir, I can imagine that this is gravely affecting your quality of life and ability to work. What solutions has your cancer team offered? Do diet choices help? Have you heard of Octreotide?


I have very loose stools also . They tell me to watch my diet .


@karir good morning. I think some of us who struggle with bowel constipation and “looseness” after colorectal cancer can relate to what is happening. It’s been one year+ and I still have times where I experience both these conditions. Took me awhile to figure it out, but was told it would get better in time. I have concluded that taking medication is better than the alternative. At first, I was resistant , thinking “I don’t want to do this” and “I’m suppose to be back to normal”😖 I have a normal, but it looks a little different now. So, I have no medication recommendations, I see others have weighed in with that. Diet and consistency seems to be beneficial. Eating routinely with choices and time of day, moderate exercise (I walk daily). H2o is a must. You definitely are challenged with still being in your working years. Keep asking questions of your medical team and reaching out to the members. It will help you feel both proactive and encouraged. You will figure it out. Take care. virgo

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