What care, tests, treatment and follow-up do you have after radiation?

Posted by jc76 @jc76, Aug 3, 2023

I am interested in others experiences in what they had for medical care after receiving radiation treatments for prostrate cancer.

I was surprised that the only medical care I was programmed for was PSA testing every 3 months first year. Every 6 months second, and once a year at third. No MRI, PET Scans, biopsies, etc.

I do have access to oncologist/radiologist via portal, phone for appointments or asked questions and appointment if needed.

Is the above what most of you found as after care and testing after finishing radiation treatments. You would think there would be some type of MRI, PET scan, biopsy, done not just monitoring PSA. But don't have the feedback of what others were given as after care to know if not the norm.
I am only 1 month out from having 30 radiation treatments with pencil beam proton radiation treatments.

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Great results. Wish I could have done the 5 treatment option but Mayo Jacksonville does not have proton radiation treatments yet.

I seems the ongoing PSA test are standard for after treatments follow ups.

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The only problem I had with the PSMA Pet scan was getting Medicare and my secondary insurance to pay the radiologist that reads the Scan. They paid the hospital for the scan and the radioactive drug they inject but not the guy that read it. Do you have the code your hospital billed it under if they paid it?


I had the PET scan done at Shands. I had bone scan done at Mayo. I will check the insurance paid and get back to you.


I just did 3 m psa tests after salvage radiation. Now second bcr and am on finestride.

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