Testing for Neuropathy

Posted by klro0001 @klro0001, Jan 17, 2020

Greetings, everyone. I hope this new year is going as well as can be for all of you. I was wondering if a few of you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with getting tested for neuropathy. I went to a neurology appointment on yesterday and requested blood tests and a skin punch biopsy. I was told that I had to undergo 3 MRIs first and they refuse to act on my request before this is taken care of. Did any of you have to do MRIs before blood tests? I would appreciate any insight or feedback that you guys have. Thanks so much for your support and your time.

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Kia – the fact that you had a NCS and it showed damage really makes MS less likely. From everything I have been told, people with MS usually have a normal EMG/NCS because the damage is in the brain and spine and their ability to communicate to the nerves. If you have documented damage in your leg, they really should be looking at peripheral nervous system problems, not central nervous system problems. Definitely find a second opinion.


I’ve never had an MRI related to my neuropathy. I have CIDP and was told nothing having to do with my disease would show up on an MRI. I was diagnosed via a markedly abnormal EMG and nerve conduction study.



Thanks so much for inquiring, Lori. I hope you are still doing better. I’m fine, physically. I’m just extremely discouraged and annoyed. Before this, I never had bad experiences with finding doctors that listened to me, stayed in my corner. And came up with a game plan that we both could agreed with. The PA said that their clinic’s first step is always to rule out MS so the 3 MRIs are “medically necessary.” The scans would take more than two hours so I would need to book them over two appointments (and the two appointments are over a 4 week period). Also, When asked what the next step would be if my MRIs were clean, I was told, “Let’s just cross that bridge when we get to it.” Something about this didn’t sit well with me. And this clinic has their own MRI machines so a small part of me thinks they may be more motivated by money than patient care. And I don’t want to be just a number to someone treating me. Sorry for the rant. I will put my big girl pants on and keep searching.


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kiro0001 Hi Kia, I really would go to other doc if I were you. What you are going through just does not seem right, and I agree that it may be motivated by making money. Horrible. Find another doctor, for sure. Keep us all informed. Lori

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