TESLA MAX treatment

Posted by pnewc99 @pnewc99, Feb 25 5:01pm

I have heard of a device called TESLA MAX but have not found any source of information. I think it is similar to TENS, but uses DC and higher voltage, but I am not certain.

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@pnewc99 - TeslaMax™️ -- I could find zero clinic trial data which is a red flag for me. All of the available information seems to be from neuropathy clinics that use the therapy like this one from a spine clinic that also treats neuropathy patients. They all say FDA approved but that doesn't mean it will help what ails you.

"Uses Alternating Current: The Tesla-Based Technology™ in the TeslaMax® uses alternating current (AC) instead of Direct Current (DC).
Technology™, the TeslaMax can output high voltage at a very low average amperage. With such a high volt to milliamp ratio, you can get very deep muscle contractions with no patient discomfort whatsoever. The increased contractions lead to increased perfusion, oxygenation, and circulation to treatment areas, which have shown to vastly improve patient outcomes."
--- Laser, Decompression, and Tesla MAX Therapy: https://www.advancedspinalcareandrehab.com/resources/laser-decompression-and-tesla-max-therapy.

Most of the advertisements I looked reference all of the research done but don't provide any links to any clinical data. What seems to be common is the cost $$$$$. Maybe there is someone out there who has tried it and can share their experience?

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