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Temporary diabetes?

Posted by @jpla in Just Want to Talk, Jan 6, 2012

I was diagnose with dibetes type 2; that was about 1 month ago.I went to the Dr. and in my previous blood test he found that my sugar was high so that day he measure my blood sugar and was to high about 300 so he send me home told me to be back that same day 2 hours after lunch, measure again awas 288.I get a glucometer and start measure before breakfast,2 hours after lunch and before bedtime.I did all (but because I was so freak out), I start a diet by myself,2 dayI had 109 -118 -107 111- 118 -106, 4th day 109 - 112 -120. I have to crarify this tthat the day before of the blood test I ate a lot of sugar and drinks,also the days pryor the Dr. visit.My consern is if I really have dibetes or could be a sign that I should be more carefull with my diet.I need some advise please!

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Posted by @jackiea, Jan 8, 2012

I also have type 2 diabetes and so does my husband and my son. They are both on insulin and mine so far is diet and exercise controlled.Years before that I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I stick to a diet the best I can and do some exercise. My doctor referred me to a dietitian and she told me how many carbs and calories I should have. The best advice you can get would be from your doctor. Best of luck to you. Take care

Posted by @transversemyelitisalabama, Jan 11, 2012

I am a type 2 diet controlled diabetic. As long as I exercise, watch my carbs (mainly sugar and bread) I keep mine down. If your early morning sugar is never high, you will be fine if you watch what you eat. Everyone's sugar goes up some after eating. If you fast and go in early and have an A1C test, it will show what your sugar average has been for the past few months. That is the most important thing to know. As long as it is normal, you will be fine. If it is just a little high, then you need to watch your carbs. If it is really high (which I doubt) you will need to see a dietician.

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